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UNICEF's e-Recruitment System

How to Register/Apply Using UNICEF's E-Recruitment System

• Verify that you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer. It is best if you use a computer with that application rather than a different web browser (Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari - Mac computer) as you will not be able to get the optimized version of the system and accessibility issues have been reported.

Please disable the pop-up blocker on your browser because it prevents windows such as the Vacancy Announcement and the Application Wizard from opening. Instructions on how to turn off the pop-up blocker:

Pop Up Blocker

Once you have checked all of the settings in your computer, follow these instructions below:

  1. Go to

  2. On the Job Seekers screen, click on Register/Logon to e-Recruitment (for external candidates)

  3. On the Logon page, enter your User ID

  4. Enter your password

  5. NOTE: If you forget your password, please click on "Password Forgotten" link, and it should take you to another screen where you can enter your user ID and email address. Please wait for 30 minutes and close all of your browser windows before going back into the system because after 30 minutes the system will reset itself and you will receive an email from that contains your temporary password. Please note that you can copy and paste the temporary password from the letter that you will receive into the password field. Your new password should be eight characters in length, with letter, numbers and special characters (such as: !, $, etc).

  6. Click Log On and this should take you to the Overview screen of your External Candidate page.

  7. Click the Employment Opportunities tab, go to Job Search and click on the Start button without selecting any criteria to see all of the vacancies or enter “NETI” in the search criteria.

  8. Enter Reference
  9. Once you see the position that you wish to apply to from the search results screen, click the blue box beside the position title (this should highlight the position).

  10. Click Underlined
  11. Once you have found the position, click the "Apply" button and go through the Application Wizard screen.

  12. A new window
  13. In the Cover Letter tab (7) of the Application Wizard, we recommend that you draft your covering/motivation letter outside of e-Recruitment - in a word document for instance – as the system times out after a period of inactivity. You can then copy and paste the content of you letter into the e-Recruitment field using the following keyboard commands: keys Ctrl + C to copy and keys Ctrl + V to paste the letter in e-Recruitment.

  14. Once you complete your application and cover letter, at the last tab, click on "Send Application" button. You should receive an acknowledgement letter generated by the system if your application went through successfully. Please note that once you complete your application, the status should be "In Process" and you should receive an email from the system confirming that your application was received.

  15. Send App
    Please click here to register.

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